Room 228

“I’m in room 228.” That was the text that came through from you as I was parking my car in the hotel car park.

I was so excited to see you. We’d met a few times now but this time was special. We weren’t just fuck buddies. We had become lovers.

You met me at the lift. Every time I see you, you actually take my breath away. You leaned in to kiss me hello and our lips just barely brushed. You smelt absolutely gorgeous. You pressed the lift button and the doors opened. Just us inside with 4 mirrored walls. The door slides shut and we start going up. Without words you pushed me back against the wall. Put my arms above my head and pressed your beautiful body up against me. Your mouth on mine, your tongue opened my mouth and suddenly our tongues were furiously fighting each other. Passion and need was apparent. I felt your hardness against my leg and I felt my own wetness drip down my thigh. Just your kiss does this to me. I had ached for you since our last meeting. Right now I needed to rip your clothes off. I had to have you inside me straight away.

The doors opened and we giggled at the thought of us being together. We both made each other feel like teenagers once again. We got to Room 228 and you opened the door with the card.

You kicked the door shut behind you and spun me round. “I want you more than I’ve wanted anyone ever. I’m completely besotted by you. I can’t get enough of you” you said. This was music to my ears as I felt exactly the same. In life more often than not one person in the relationship likes the other more but with us we were on a par. Our minds, bodies, hearts and souls were so in tune with each other.

We leaned in to kiss once more. This room was ours for a few hours. We intended that the four walls witnessed the true joy of our love making.

We slowly undressed each other. Our tongues still going wild. Moans, groans and sighs were getting louder as our passion was getting more frantic. I was desperate for my ample bossoms to be set free from my bra for you to scoop them into your hands. You didn’t disappoint. The mere brush of your fingertips on my nipples made me gush. I opened my legs as the wetness was dripping down my thighs. You sensed my movement and moved one hand to my soaking pussy. OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! I can’t control myself. I need your cock NOW!!! I don’t care if it’s in my mouth or pussy but I need your member inside of me.

I decide to kiss down your torso and I fall onto my knees. My eyes are greeted by your fucking beautiful large manhood. Pre cum glistens on the tip. I lick it off. You throw your head back in ecstasy. I grab the back of your thighs and I thrust your cock into my mouth. I am desperate for you. I notice myself mmmmmmmmmmming as I suck. My saliva glands bursting as I’m so hungry for you. This makes sucking you off easier. You grab my hair. “Fuckkkkk you’re amazing at this, the best ever”. This makes me feel so special. I smile and look up at you with my Hazel eyes that you love so much. You authoritively ask me to get up and lay on my back on the bed. I do so and climb on the bed on all fours before turning onto my back. You smack my arse cheek and bite the other as I go. Now it’s my turn to be eaten out….

You climbed onto the bed and you kissed me again. You then kissed and bit my neck. You are so getting fucked for that. You kiss your way down to my breasts. You flick, lick and swirl my nipple with your tongue. I gasp. You then gently bite it. I writhe. Oh god I want you. You then kiss and lick an invisible trail down my body. You open my thighs with your head and you bite my inner thighs. This sends me into overdrive. You look into my eyes just as I catch my breath. You then went for the kill. You licked from my arse up to my clit. You found my engorged clit and sucked it. You then nibbled it. Yep…. That did it. I pushed your head with my hands into me as I wrapped my thighs around your neck. I had a fleeting moment of fear that I would suffocate you but what a way to go!! You drive me insane with pleasure. I lifted my arse up and put my legs in the air. You tongue fucked my pussy hole. And flicked my clit with your finger. OH MY GOD, OH FUCKKKKK!!! I can feel that beautiful build up of orgasmic head rush. I cum but you don’t stop. I’m grabbing the bed sheets and scream your name. This encourages you more. My body jolts. I’m cumming again. My pussy pulsates so hard that my love juice hits your chin. You aren’t given up. I don’t think I can take anymore but you’re determined to give me multiples and you succeed. I lost count at how many times I came. I even surprise myself. Breathless you come up for air and lay on top of me. You kiss me hard and passionately. We both want each other. We both deserve our sex.

Our bodies move together. Your hard bulging cock now rubbing up and down my whole pleasure dome. It expertly finds my pussy hole and you enter me. We both gasp. The feeling is intense and immense. My hips move in perfect unison to you. We look at each other. Direct eye contact. No smiles, we’re just in complete astonishment that this feels as it does. We both realise at the exact same moment we’re making love. My heart is melting. I’m falling for you. I’m actually falling in love with you. I daren’t say a word. What if you don’t feel the same? I can’t scare you away. I’m not losing you now.


At Last!

After months of constant messages and the sexual chemistry that was apparent between us we both got an opportunity to meet for a drink.

At last our time was happening.  My stomach was in knots. The butterflies going crazy. My desire for you was through the roof. I not only craved for you but I ached for you.

I pulled into the pub car park. I drove into a space at the back. It was quite secluded. My phone beeped. A message from you saying “I’ll be 5 minutes babe, can’t wait to see you at last!”

My heart thumped out of my chest just like it always did when I got a message from you. I checked my hair and make up in the rear view mirror. “Well” I thought to myself it’s now or never.

Then I saw your car drive in. My heart racing now. You parked next to me. We both caught each others eyes and smiled nervously. Excitement burst out of me. You did turn up. I’d had my doubts. But at last you were real.

We got out of our cars. “Hello” you said and you gasped “WOW!! You are even more stunning in the flesh”. I had an embarrassed smile on my face. In fact I couldn’t stop grinning. “Hello you, you’re not so bad yourself “. And you were even better than I imagined. My eyes that you loved so much locked with yours. You took my hand and pulled me into you. At last we shared our first kiss. Your touch sent an electric current searing through my body, the scent of your aftershave heightened my senses. My lips brushed yours. And our eyes closed. Our lips parted and I felt your tongue meet mine for the very first time. I groaned into your mouth as our tongues entwined.  Your taste was sweet yet sexy. I didn’t want this to end. Our tongues started to lash wildly in each others mouth. The passion that we’d both spoke in such detail for months was finally happening. You literally took my breath away. For the next few hours you were mine. All mine.

We came up for air and we agreed that we both needed that drink. Although THAT kiss had definitely broke the ice. You took my hand like we were lovers and led me into the pub.

You went to the bar to get our order. I went to the toilet. I undone a couple of buttons on my top so you could see my breasts better. I put my hand up my skirt and touched my knickerless pussy. I was so wet. Your kiss and the anticipation for you had created that. I licked my fingers,  I’ve always loved the taste of my own juices and I couldn’t wait for you to taste them too.

We sat down and we started chit chatting. You noticed I’d undone my top and your eyes diverted straight down onto my ample bossoms. You licked your lips. We held hands and I asked in my forwardness if I could kiss you again. Your body language told me I didn’t need to ask twice as you grabbed my face with your hands and drew me towards you again. This time more relaxed I realised our kissing was amazing. The taste of lager on your tongue mixed with the sexual tension sent me into overdrive. I felt my pussy throb and my juices ran onto my thigh. I grabbed your hand and pushed it under the table. I hitched my skirt up a bit and placed your hand on my wetness. Your eyes widened. And you pulled away from the kiss as this time I had taken your breath away. You then grabbed my hand and put it on your jeans. Your hard cock was bulging. “We need to get out of here, I need you NOW!!” you said. I was so ready for you too.

We left our drinks and nearly ran out the pub. We got to our cars. Panting we fell into each others arms. Luckily your car had blacked out windows so we got on the back seat.

This is where the magic happened. We literally ripped each others clothes off. I didn’t care who saw. I needed you inside me NOW!!! You expertly undid my bra with one hand, in one second and my boobs with very hard erect nipples were finally exposed to you. Straight away you felt them. Between your thumb and forefinger. I threw my head back in ecstacy. You then kissed my mouth hard. Licked and bit my neck which drives me wild and you traced your tongue down onto my nipples. You then sucked and bit them. I told you many times before that I cum just by nipple play and I didn’t let you down. I grabbed your head and I screamed “FUCK ME!!” as wave after wave of hedonistic pleasure engulfed me. It felt like an out of body experience as I jolted around your back seat. You felt my cunt. My cum was dripping down my legs. You couldn’t believe how much I’d cum. You started fingering me as I was still cumming. Your thumb on my clit which you found straight away. For the second time my body clenched again. This time you felt my orgasm round your 3 fingers still inside me. It was strong and powerful. Pulling on you as you wiggled your fingers. You pulled your fingers out as my orgasm subsided and you licked your fingers. Just like I had earlier in the toilet. You said I tasted better than you ever imagined.

Breathless I needed your cock. I got onto my knees. My tits in your face as I undid your trousers. I reached inside and unleashed your hard throbbing manhood that I’d masturbated over for so long. I couldn’t believe you were at last going to be in me. I started to wank you off as I kissed you. Tongues going wild. Now darting into each others mouth. I felt the head of your cock with my thumb. And it was covered in pre cum. I looked down and saw your wetness glisten from the moonlight shining through. Now it was my turn to taste you. I sucked my thumb and I then bent down and licked the tip of your cock. You gasped and told me how much you wanted me. This spurred me on. I licked up and down your rock hard shaft. You lifted your arse off the seat and pulled your trousers to your knees. Much better as I now went lower and licked and sucked your balls as I gripped your cock tightly and started wanking you gently. You’re breathing turned to gasps, which turned to moans and then groans. I loved the way I made you feel. I then made my way back up to the head of your cock licking your shaft as I went. My eyes locked with yours. That eye contact with your cock in my mouth sent you shuddering. You pushed my head down further on to your cock and as I sucked the life out of you I gathered speed. Wanking you as I sucked you were gripping onto the door handles. All of a sudden you shouted “FUCK ME, I’M GONNA CUM”. With that I felt your cock muscles tighten and you throbbed in my mouth. I needed to see your cum face so I kept looking at you as you shot load after load of hot, steaming, thick cum into the back of my throat. I started to swallow. There was so much. I was quite overwhelmed about how much I made you do this. After swallowing most of your load I left a bit in my mouth. I got up and kissed your mouth deeply. Your cum and our saliva mixed. So fucking sexy.

We both sat back on the back seat. Still breathless. Holding hands and both of us can’t quite believe the amazing feeling.  We chatted for a bit. However more importantly we couldn’t believe how good we were together. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other and the kissing started again. You know this is my favourite thing and my weakness. It was obviously yours too and your hardness appeared once more. This time you were going inside my pussy. We were going to christen your car once and for all. I automatically responded to you and I straddled you. Facing you and kissing you, you had both of my tits in your hands. I expertly lowered myself onto your hard cock. I gently pushed you inside me. THAT was the ultimate moment we’d both been waiting for. THAT melting moment when two bodies become one. This was better than either of us dared to imagine. We subconsciously moved our bodies in perfect rhythm. The suspension on the car working with us to create the explosive moment that was imminent. We were at last fucking. And it felt incredible. We were still kissing and you bit my lip. That was it. For the third time and your second our orgasms were upon us. My body again jolted like an electric current had touch every nerve ending in my body. My pussy muscles pulsated around your cock and my cum running down it. And at that same moment your cock exploded inside me. I could feel your cock pulsate and throb and your cum all gushed inside my hole.

Breathless again and weak I got off you. Our cum mixed together now all over the place. We sat together your arm around my shoulders. Happy and spent with massive smiles on our faces.

We’d had each other AT LAST……


Just like my body needs sleep, my body clock also kicks in to let me know it’s time to play.

Usually at 2 in the afternoon. Being at home a lot helps my situation. I know that I have precisely an hour before the school run to get my thrills and spills.

The familiar feeling bubbles up inside me, you know the one where you need to cum right now. The urgency builds and builds.

I rush upstairs. Undressing as I go. My top comes off to reveal my ample bossoms. I unzip my jeans, and at the top of the stairs I kick my jeans off. The air and my excitement gives me goosebumps.

I go into my bedroom and open up my bottom draw full of delights. My toy box awaits. Vibrators, dildos, nipple clamps, duo balls, massage oils…. The choice is endless. However I have my favourites. I pick up my trusted friend and turn him on, exactly what he is about to do to me. The sound of the buzz and the vibration in my hand makes my heartbeat quicken and makes me breathless.  I squeal with delight as I lay on my bed.

I rub my hands all over my body. Underwear still intact. My nipples now erect. I pull my bra down a bit so my nipples are poking through the lace. I run my fingers over them and it sends shivers down my spine. I let out a groan as I slip my knickers to the side I’m so wet in anticipation and I place my buzzing vibrator on my clit.


This is ecstasy. I imagine you sitting in a chair beside my bed watching me. Having that image in my head spurns me on. I need to squeeze my nipples. So I unleash them from the cups but still have the bra on as the tightness of the bra makes them stay pert. I squeeze them in between my thumb and forefinger of both hands. My legs tightly shut to keep the vibrator in place on my clit. Lots of practice has helped this.

My heart is racing but my fingers aren’t enough so I reach down to my open draw and pull out the two nipple clamps. They are on the tightest settings. The more turned on I am, the more I need the pain as it intensifies the pleasure.

I attach them and I loudly call out… “Oh fuck yes!”. I grab my vibrator and fuck my pussy hole with it frantically. The feeling is immense and I realise that my juice is running down my crack onto my arse. The whole area is soaking.

I am now moaning and groaning loudly and withering about on the bed. My toys still aren’t enough so I reach down to my open draw again and find my glass dildo. Feeling the coldness in my hand my pussy throbs as it knows how erotic that is.

My nipples are taken care off, my vibrator back on my clit, the glass dildo I plunge straight into my pussy hole which is now flowing like the ocean. The shock of the coldness makes my body jolt in shockness.

Oh yes this is what I’m talking about. All my erogenous zones are in full swing. My imagination now running wild of thoughts of you. In my mind you are naked. Kneeling beside me wanking. Neither of us talking or touching. Only remaining eye contact throughout.

The regular feeling of orgasm is upon me. It’s like electricity mixed with waves. My pussy couldn’t get any wetter.  Or could it? The dildo is slipping in and out so easily. My clit tingling begging my body to cum. My nipples so squeezed. I scream out as wave after wave of pure hedonistic erotic pleasure engulfs me. My pussy pulsating in rythum to my body jolting. My muscles clenching the dildo tightly. I hold my breath and close my eyes tightly as my orgasm hits a new level of heights.

I lay breathless, lifeless and shattered after another fantastic time.

Thank YOU and look forward to my thoughts of us again tomorrow.

Same place at 2 in the afternoon.

My 2pm schedule